Why am I here?

by data-centric on November 3, 2010

I suppose it’s traditional to start a new blog off with a “why am I here/what is this blog about” type post, so here goes…

I have worked in IT for almost eleven years, and have focussed on databases and SQL Server for ten of those. Like most seasoned professionals, I have found interesting ways of doing things, useful workarounds and code snippets that I use on a day-to-day basis. I have also occasionally found a complete absence of help for some problems on the net and have had to work out how to solve those problems myself.  So this blog will become a compendium of my experiences, the tips, tricks and scripts that I’ve found useful together with some links to other sources or blogs that I have personally found valuable.

This blog will effectively be somewhere for me to store all that stuff, and if in the process of making it public it can help anyone else in the community then so much the better.  I don’t expect to have all the answers, and as in all things computing, there are always a number of ways of achieving the same result. What works for me may not work for you but reading about my experiences might just help you find your own solution.

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