T-SQL Tuesday #031 – Logging

12 June 2012

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Aaron Nelson (blog | twitter) with a theme of “logging”.  Although Aaron’s definition of this topic is deliberately broad, I thought I would go with a more typical definition and talk about the approach I use for logging the actions of large multi-step stored procedures.

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How to print very long strings and procedures

23 November 2011

Aaron Bertrand (blog | twitter) posted recently about the benefits of the OBJECT_DEFINITION() function when compared to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES when trying to search for a particular string in a very long procedure. He highights how useful the OBJECT_DEFINITION() function and sys.modules DMV are when searching for words or object references in such long SQL modules.  OBJECT_DEFINITION() […]

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T-SQL Tuesday #024 – Exception Handling made simple

8 November 2011

I’ve been developing and using a simple logging framework for SQL Server on nearly every project I’ve worked on for the last five years, always with the intention of making it available for public use. That framework is Log4TSql and this month’s T-SQL Tuesday finally prompted me to put together a proper build on Sourceforge. […]

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