August 2012

Agile Database Development Training

31 August 2012

I noticed recently that my friends, Dennis Lloyd (blog | twitter) and Sebastian Meine (blog | twitter) are running some one day workshops on TDD and agile practices in SQL to coincide with Red-Gate’s US SQL In the City tour.

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Code Kata for SQL – Toy Story

27 August 2012

Practicing code kata is an established practice in agile shops but many kata are designed with object-oriented languages in mind and do not not always lend themselves to being reproduced in a declarative, set-based language like T-SQL.  So I have created this new kata specifically for SQL. Enjoy…

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Code Kata for SQL – FizzBuzz

2 August 2012

There has been some discussion recently over on the Google Groups discussion forum for tSQLt about practicing code kata in SQL.  One suggestion was to try the time-honored FizzBuzz game and I present here a slightly modified version adapted to work with a non-object oriented, set-based language like SQL.

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