July 2012

T-SQL Tuesday #032 – A Day in the Life of a freelance Development DBA

17 July 2012

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Erin Stellato (blog | twitter) with a theme of “A Day in The Life”. Erin talks about the fact that our job title is often not a real reflection of everything we do, sometimes not even anything we do.  So for this month’s blog party, Erin asks us […]

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Unit Testing Databases with tSQLt Part 11 – using SpyProcedure to control output parameters and other outcomes

12 July 2012

In an earlier post in this series, I introduced tSQLt‘s [SpyProcedure] in a test to prove that one procedure calls another. In this article we delve deeper into mocking stored procedures and explore how to populate output parameters or add a row to a table without any of the intervening complex logic in the procedure […]

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