December 2011

Honest Fast Food

24 December 2011

In a change from our usual program … The thought of honest fast food in Senayan City in Jakarta made me smile… To be fair, I’m told by a friend that lives here that despite the name, the burgers are actually quite good.

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Advanced Database Unit Testing with tSQLt – Testing cross-database tables

20 December 2011

This is the first in an occassional series of articles covering more advanced ways of getting the most out of the tSQLt database unit-testing framework. One of the features of this framework I really like is the ability to fake or mock a table. FakeTable temporarily re-names the “production” table then creates an empty copy […]

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T-SQL Tuesday #025 Tips and Tricks

13 December 2011

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Allen White (blog | twitter) with a theme of Tips and Tricks.  Choosing what to write about is not as simple as one might think (at least for me), we all have little tricks up our sleeves but the question is which of these would be useful to […]

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Unit Testing Databases with tSQLt Part 6 – testing a SELECT stored procedure

7 December 2011

In Part 5, we looked at writing tests to prove that one stored procedure calls another and how test-driven development can help us refactor code. In Part 6 we are going to write some initial tests for a stored procedure that returns data as part of the Log4TSql open source logging library for SQL Server 2005+ […]

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